To act as a communications channel for the construction, building, engineering and associated professions to engage in constructive dialogue with Government and the community to benefit the Bailiwick’s economy, quality of its built environment and local employment opportunities by:

  • Enabling a vibrant and sustainable Construction Industry capable of delivering to the greatest possible extent the building and infrastructure needs of the Bailiwick of Guernsey with on-island resources.
  • Promoting responsible long-term management of public infrastructure to achieve the best possible social and economic outcomes from States of Guernsey capital investment

To be recognised and respected by Government and across the Construction Industry as an effective thought leader, collectively representing the built environment professions.


These will evolve over time, but initially our objective is to engage with the States of Guernsey on:

  1. Assisting Government in delivery of the Work Plan, Work Load Pipeline and Planning.
  2. Raising awareness of local skills, resources and capability.
  3. Procurement policy, to make it more effective & efficient for local business.
  4. Assisting the States of Guernsey in achieving its sustainability objectives.

The GCF Committee Structure

GCF Organisation